By utilising the latest cutting edge web technology we have built Complete Digital platform which includes your own branded Web Site, POS, Billing, CRM, Customer App and Delivery App. All at one simple and incredible low monthly rental plan. Which is of high Quality, Affordable, Fastest E-commerce CMS.


Give your customer self-service access. Save time and money with eComCheap.

Beautiful Website

We handle everything from website structures to design to make sure you focus only on your content.

Your Own User App

With this powerful system, you will get a user app. Which will help your customer to manage and place the order directly from their home.

POS System

You will get an integrated pos system in the admin panel, so your store manager can even handle walk-in and self pickup orders.


Product & Order Management

Add new branch & details in the business section. Manage orders, products with just few clicks.

Direct Bank Linking

Comes with Multiple Payment Gateways through which your will be able to link your bank account.

Your Own Delivery App

Staff can now manage delivery and customer can also track the order delivery.



After you signup, we ask you to send us the High Resolution Logo, Brand name, Domain Transfer and small introduction about your retail service. Relationship Manager will verify all the data and approve the first stage.



Our development team will take the handover from Relationship Manager and start the development. It takes anywhere from two to three weeks to develop, customize based on your need.



Beta version will be released for internal testing with you and staff. Also beta version of app will be uploaded in Android app store and apple App store.



Once initial testing is successful, Google approves your app than we will be handing over Web, Admin, and User App and Delivery app to you which completed the LAUNCH of your retail software.

Try and see the difference for yourself.

With eComCheap your Retail outlet gets a digital presence & professional look.